Sampled Works of Les McCann

(Artists that have Sampled Les McCann and the new titles)

(Les McCann Album names are Italicized) 

“Anticipation” from Layers

1) “Little Brother” by Lenzman

2)  “Press Rewind” by Deda & Pete Rock

3) “Rather Unique” by AZ

“Baby, Baby” from Comment

4) “Demain Peut-être” by Oxmo Puccino

5) “Love Beat” by Musab

“Beaux J. Poo Boo” from Invitation to Openness 

6) “Everything’s Everything” by Freestyle Fellowship

“Before I Rest” from Layers

7) “For My Pa” by Godfather Don

8) “Head Eesti Asjad” by A-Rühm 

9) “Long Island Degrees” by De La Soul 

“Benjamin” from Much Les

10) “Basic Training” by All City

11) “C’est Donc a Ça Noc Vies” by IAM

12) “Interlude” by 2 Bal 2 Neg

13) “Monopol” by Rytmus

14) “Pain (Forever)” by Puff Daddy feat G Dep

15) “Right Back At You” by Mobb Deep

“Beyond Yesterday” from Music Lets Me Be

16) “Frankie and Johnny” by Traditional Folk

17) “Itz A Set Up” by GangStarr

“Cold Duck Time” from Swiss Movement

18) “You Flunked” by Casual 

“Compared to What” from Swiss Movement

19) “Break It Up” by Cypress Hill

“Go On and Cry” from Another Beginning

20) “All Over Your Face” by H2O

21) “Allahu Akbar” by Infinite Allah

22) “California Dreamin” by Dream Warriors

23) “Chicago Blues” by Add-2

24) “Cry” by Thad Reid

25) “Define Yourself” by Cormega feat Tragedy Khadafi & Havoc

26) “Easy” by Fresh Daily

27) “Freestyle” by Funkmaster Flex

28) “Flawless” by Living Legends

29) “Go On” by Irealz feat Kye

30) “Go On … “ by Prose

31)  “Go On & Cry” by Mutt & Visionary

32) “Good Dwellas” by Cella Dwellas

33) “Growin’ Up” by Trainspotters

34) “I Can Feel Everything” by Xtra Pleza

35) “Ich War So Gern???” by Nico Suava feat Brumentoff 

36) “Iso” by Futuristic

37) “Juicy Grub” by Pat D & Lady Paradox feat Yousif

38) “Kodukandi Huligaanid” by Rijoint feat Vesikas & Kristel Nael

39) “La Verità (Non Abita Più Qua)” by Ghemon

40) “Love Trippin” by ADL

41) “Meil Oleme Meie” by Metsakutsu feat Ülli

42) “Mr. Popular” by Jin

43) “No Pain” by Lords of the Underground 

44) “Patrze Jak Idziesz” by Szad Akrobata

45) “Persephone” by Hannibal King

46) “Real Thugs” by Crooked I

47) “Runnin’ wit’ No Breaks” by Warren G

48) “SPL%T” by Adjaman

49) “Tap That” by French Montana & Chinx Drugz feat Stack Bundles 

50) “That’s Why” by Snafu & Tuk

51) “The Jux” by Cyne

52) “Tha Next Episode” by Snoop Dogg feat Dr. Dre 

53) “VII” by Cormega, Blaq Poet, Tragedy, Khadafi & Havoc

“Got to Hustle to Survive” from Hustle to Survive

54) “People’s Choice” by Defari

“Interlude” from Layers

55) “Dysfunctional Family Song” by Sixtoo

“Kaftan” from Swiss Movement

56) “It Was Only A Song” by Jazz Liberatorz

“Kathleen’s Theme” from Swiss Movement

57) “Autobiographical” by Black Sheep

“Loved You Full In Every Way” from River High, River Low

58) “Harlots” by K-Otix

“Music Lets Me Be” from Music Lets Me Be

59) “You Know My Steez” by GangStarr

“North Carolina” from Talk to the People

60) “#4 Disease” by Joe Beats

61) “After Hours” by A Tribe Called Quest

62) “Asia’s Verse” by Lyrics Born

63) “Back to Hip Hop” by Troubleneck Brothers 

64) “Checkmate” by Akinyele 

65) “Cool City Slicker” by Dilated Peoples

66) “Decompression Chamber” by Dynospectrum

67) “Endless Railway” by DJ Krush

68) “Fuck In a Four Letter Word” by Bulldog Breaks

69) “Inglewood” by New Jack Hustle

70) “Let’s Git It On” by Smif-N-Wessun

71) “Lots of Lovin’” by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

72) “Place to Be” by Ill Biskits

73) “Second to Nobody” by YZ

74) “Spüre Diesen Groove” by MC Rene

75) “The Infamous Date Rape” by A Tribe Called Quest

76) “The Rough Side Of Town” by Organized Konfusion

77) “To Whom It May Concern” by Black Sheep

78) “What a Way To Go Out” by Souls of Mischief

79) “Word Em Up” by Robust

80) “Yo” by Akinyele

81) “You Got Shot” by Prince Paul

“Poo Pye McGoochie (and His Friends)” from Invitation to Openness

82) “Disclaimer” by Sixtoo

83) “Escapee” by DJ Krush

84) “Jovial Costume” by Alias

“Roberta” from Much Les

85) “Funky Piano” by E Bros

86) “Let’s Get Cozy” By Black Sheep

87) “Whirlwind through Cities” by Afu-Ra

“Seems So Long” from Talk to the People

88) “The World Is Yours” by Nas

“She’s Here” from Talk to the People

89) “10 Years” by Braille feat Toni Hill

90) “It’s Your Life” by Head Toucha

91) “Remember When (Salaam Remix Version)” by Da Bush Babies

“Shorty Rides Again” from Second Movement

92) “Bronx Nigga” by Tim Dog

93) “Hypnotic” by Eric B & Rakim

94) “Imma Gitz Mine” by Eric Sermon

95) “Play It for Devine” by Divine Styler

96) “Shorty” by Skoolbeats

“So Your Love Finally Ran Out for Me” from Tall, Dark & Handsome

97) “Can’t Hold Us Down” by Lost Boyz

“Soaring (at Dawn) Pt 1” from Layers

98) “No Doubt (Remix)” by Pos Neg

“Sometimes I Cry” from Layers

99) “Behind Bars” by Slick Rick feat Warren G

100) “Bullet Boy” by Massive Attack 

101) “Liza” by Raekwon

102) “N2U” by Eric Roberson feat Marsha Ambrosius 

103) “Teardrop” by Massive Attack

“Sunny Pt 1” from Les McCann Plays the Hits

104) “Hasta Hoy” by Frainstrumentos feat ChysteMc

“Talk to the People” from Talk to the People

105) “Anger in the Nation” by Pete Rock

106) “Overzicht” by Helberg

“The Dunbar High School Marching Band” from Layers

107) “Save That Shit” by Lord Finesse

108) “Sleep for Dinner” by Lords of the Underground

109) “Streets of the Ghetto” by Ed OG

“The Generation Gap” from Swiss Movement

110) “Loosifa” by Juggernotz 

“The Harlem Buck Dance Strut” from Layers

111) “Caught Up in the Game” by Bushwackass

112) “Come Widdit” by Ahmad, Ras Kass & Saafir

113) “Do That (Lord Finesse Remix)” by Walkin’ Large

114) “Dream and Imaginate” by The Wascals

115) “Flavor (Video Mix)” by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion feat Beck

116) “Gameplan” by Lord Finesse feat Marquee

117) “Go For Yours (‘Cause I’m Gonna Get Mine)” by MC Shan

118) “Hunnit$ & Fittie$” by $tan Ros$ & Thelonious Martin

119) “It’s About That Time” by Pete Rock feat Black Thought & Rob-O

120) “Lyrics” by Special Ed (Buckwild) 

121) “My Place” by McGruff

122) “No More Worries” by Del the Funky Homosapien

123) “Out to Lunch” by Celph Titled feat Treach

124) “Pressure (AK Nine Prophecy)” by Neffa feat. Soul Boy & Wardogs

125) “Prick Tat” by Luke Vibert

126) “Rock On (Buckwild Remix)” by Funkdoobiest 

127) “Soul On Ice” by Ice T

128) “Speak Ya Peace” by Lord Finesse feat Marquee, Diamond, & A.G.

129) “Summer Jam ’95 (Diamond D Remix)” by Scha Dara Parr

130) “The Main Ingredient” by Pete Rock

“The Lovers” from Invitation to Openness

131) “Escapee” by DJ Krush

132) “Everything’s Everything” by Freestyle Fellowship

133) “Introspectrum” by Dynospectrum

134) “Sideshow” by So-Called Artists

“The Morning Song” from Another Beginning

135) “Bumpy Bring It Home” by Freddie Foxxx feat M.O.P.

136) “Dirt All by My Lonely” by Naughty by Nature

137) “Fire Water” by Fat Joe feat Big Pun, Raekwon & Armageddon

138) “Love and Life Intro” by Mary J Blige feat Diddy & Jigga

139) “The Masha” by Capitol Tax

140) “W Oceanie Zmyslów” by O.S.T.R.

“Vallarta” from Music Lets Me Be

141) “Khaki’s, T-shirts, Chuccz” by South Central Cartel

142) “Someone” by SWV

143) “Ten Crack Commandments” by DJ Drama & Cookin’ Soul

144) “Ten Crack Commandments” by Notorious B.I.G.

“What’s Going On” from Talk to the People

145) “Bullshit” by Pharcyde

146) “Erase Racism” by Kool G Rap

147) “Second to Nobody” by YZ

“When It’s Over” from Another Beginning

148) “UV” by Frankenstein 

“Why Is Now” from Hustle to Survive

149) “Grannie” by Jay Dee

“Yours Is My Heart Alone” from Comment

150) “Dreams” by Square One