Les McCann: A Time Les Christmas

Produced by: Alan Abrahams and Nic. tenBroek

Arranged by: Nic. tenBroek; Alan Abrahams and Les McCann


 Josh Sklair: Track 1;Michael Wolff: Tracks 2,4; Nic. tenBroek: Track 3; Alex Foster: Track 5; Joja Wendt: Track 6; Ricky Peterson: Track 7


Lead vocals: Les McCann

Backing vocals: Maxayn Lewis, Jim Gilstrap, Kimaya Seward

Baby It's Cold Outside duet: Les McCann and Maxayn Lewis


Piano: Les McCann

Drums: Kenny Elliott

Piano: Michael Wolff 

Piano: Joja Wendt

Hammond B3 Organ: Bobby Sparks

Fender Rhodes: Ricky Peterson

Guitar: Ray Obiedo

Guitar: Josh Sklair

Guitar: Craig Stull

Recorded by:

Nic. tenBroek at LesLand, Nix On That Studios, LA and Studio 43 NYC

Val Garay at The Barn Studios, Topanga, CA

Douglas Epstein at PastaSushi Studios

Reiner Damisch at Nellviernull Studios Hamburg Germany

Ray Obiedo at Werewolf Studios, Oakland CA


Mixed and Mastered by Patrick Woodland and

Alan Abrahams at: Woodland Bredice Studios

Front cover design: Kira Lynn Cain

Acoustic Bass: John Patitucci

Electric Bass: Marc Van Wageningen

Tenor Sax: Alex Foster

Tenor and Baritone Sax: Brandon Fields

Trumpet: Jeff Bunell

Trumpet: Franz Hackl

Trombone: Nick Lane

Additional Keyboards: Patrick Woodland

Harmonica; Keyboards: Nic. tenBroek

Drums: Stix Hooper

Bass: Del Atkins